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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Treatment is made strong

Treatment is made strong
I would like tell you here all my experiences in Medan. I lived here lonely without parent look after at me and give me some motivations how to do the best. First I have had worried about study at STBA Harapan Medan or with face book you can give your comments. I was not believe that I could reach my study at STBA Harapan Medan as a good student while I was a worker also at EF English First Medan. Live here is treatment for me and made me stay on the strong thinking. My study at STBA Harapan Medan gone well and I made many relation with friends. I have a experience when I got examination. My schedule was fixed to follow by me and just walling it to remind as long as the examination. At suddenly comes a regret time blamed my schedule, I forgot to attend class. After finish worked at EF in afternoon I was prepared my self go to campus at 7:00 pm but I'd already running ahead from me. I just have being remembered me by my best friend in my class room.She sent me a message that " Solidasisokhi, I did not see you here, where are you?" I replied her that" I am still at EF working" Why? I answered her.
So, she told that " we are in class now and it already began exam" Oh..... shit!!!!!! I said. I have failed my exam today. I hurry up went direct to class without knocking the door. My lecture said me, " I think you have just woke up from bed. Why do you late come???? I answered him later I will be knowing all about it, It has not time to talk it.

Is it me?

Hare I added a record of mine.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A big idea and successful

Being a famous person and successful in one field, it's an aim for someone highest himself and drawing rules to obeying.
Here some ideas to open your mind and making better as many people in world successful without cruel anymore inside. When we are standing in the same place and one thing we take, it's mean that e move for improve our capability. The advices bellow are provided you best regard in my life. It's an indication and things to build your imagination. Look here:Successful idea and to improve your English here : American English. British English

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Stuttering Therapy Online Consultant Pathology Speech Barbara Dahm Israe...

Smile here by your ability
here is : Solidasisokhi Gee and the end is.

No one blames me effort the nice speaking

No one blames me effort the nice speaking Almost I spent time for change my pronunciation how become a really native speaker. Well, I have moved by one step to change the challenge. I think it's a challenge for extending my ability through appears amazing in me. Now, I feel better to speak in English than before. I can speak like native speaker. Really wonderful. I saw talent of mine in my class. I am thanks for God about his grace for making me better. I assume also the one way to push my English became better because I strength hold one the as in one best future. Whereas my desire to reach goal. Here, my pronunciation as a American speaker and British. The both of famous accent are extending me find out more the literature in college. I stand on base English. I want to make a big relation in others countries which help me.

The way for moving my accent are:
1. Make a list for memories vocabulary.
2. Make a conversation wherever.
3. Try out for listening the BBC and CNN and the American Speaker.
4. Listening Music in English.">American Speaker">
5. Practice by myself while I highest my confident to have the foreign accent.
6. Take course. Look up here:

It's very nice and interesting. I love English language. Now, I am learning Spain language. I see that country is famous in Western.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The last Day in 2010

The last Day in 2010, I spent my time for holiday in Siantar while at the night we were celebrating the New Year 2011. I went to Siantar with my mom of boarding house which I usually call her as my sister then we are four person went to there. When I arrived in Siantar, I wonder that I would have the nice visiting and get calmnbess which I won't go back to Nias but it either to and differ anything what I have desired. My day was going out and I have a big desire for my family and expectation all my beloved village to see them. I loved very much to have a nice day. So, we were there for 3 days and went around for visiting the family's KAk Lina. Well, it's exciting journey and nice. But it was made me boring at the time. I could not send more message with my friends to welcoming them in New Year 2011. When I sent a message to mom in Nias, I tried for three times. It could not normal work. The network in Siantar is least. We could not find more pleased to use the time.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It' coming a great day for celebrating the Christmas which the christian are waiting for.

A great day is coming, every one looks forward to the holy son from heaven. That's way He's great than others because he does not from in world but in heaven.